Before photos, exterior

Here are some before pictures to reference our starting point. The worst of it is she needs half a dozen planks each side, a lot of “bleeding” fasteners dealt with, and serious work on the front half of the decks.


Parts of the foredeck were spongy, and it was all covered in every bright idea in deck coating since the 1980’s, about six different materials in all.


I love the ghost in the window in this picture.


It’s Celeste, but it’s hard to see her through all the spider webs.

Here’s a look at things topside:


And where the decks are stepped is pretty spooky, this will need some attention:


The good news is that the entire stern was rebuilt less than a decade ago, and it is purpleheart about a foot thick. Along with that project the leaky aft decks were replaced with two layers of marine plywood and a very professionally done fiberglass job. But there’s plenty in the above pictures to keep me busy for a while.

Here’s a picture of the rebuilt stern – the plywood rub rail is a temporary feature and will have to be replaced around the entire vessel.





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