From the Beginning


Anyone who knows me understands that I have boat issues. So nobody was too surprised when they heard I was looking at an old wood boat that had sat unused for many years. I took my friend Dan, skipper of the 99 year old seiner Pheonix III, to try to talk me out of it. Not a bright idea to take a friend who is investing tens of thousands in an almost century old boat to talk common sense into you.

Then came the true test – taking my beautiful bride Celeste to see the boat. Keep in mind this poor old vessel had bird’s nests stuck to the salon walls inside and you couldn’t see through the windows for all the spider webs. I was sure this would be the visit that would kill my aspirations. My wife puts up with a lot from me – but surely this was too much.

Instead, much to my amazement, she looked up at me from the galley below and said “This is big enough that we could live on it after the kids are gone.” I looked over at the current owner and said “sold.”

Here’s Celeste in the galley on that first visit:


Looking at the picture, this was on January 26th, 2016.


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