Changes over the years…

I thought it would be interesting to post a few pictures showing the changes over the years. The first picture is from the year she was born, 1930.


This next picture was from the early 1930’s, showing her with other commercial boats at the Vancouver Fish Buyer’s docks. She looks to have a little more wear and tear and is hoisting a different net. The wooden fish boxes on deck and the wooden tender (row boat) on top of the wheelhouse speak of a time when things were not so rushed.


The next image brings us to 1945, when she was fresh out of the yard having been lengthened 8 feet and having the fish hold replaced with yacht living quarters. New handrails with canvas dodgers make her look longer and a bit more beefy.


The Carlyle III just after conversion from a fishing vessel into a company yacht, 1945

The next picture jumps to the 1990’s when she has stopped working and become a private yacht in BC. I don’t think we are going back to the gray hull, and you can see there has been a rear cabin door with a scuttle added (recently removed). Celeste didn’t like what she called the ‘shark fin’, and I preferred the 1945 lines.


This is the only picture I have of her out of the water, until next month’s haul out. This was taken in 2009, but she was last hauled for maintenance in fall of 2012. The awkward looking aluminum shelter deck on the back has been removed and is forever gone.


And here she is last week, with the new stainless lifelines installed forward.




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