Preparing To Move North

Most of May and June were spent preparing the boat to go north. Before we moved to another marina, the hull needed to be painted above the waterline and the engine room needed to be gone through. Some lighting was added to the engine room, all wires, belts, and hose clamps inspected and tightened, batteries checked, and I spent some time looking through lockers and boxes to see what spare parts were onboard. The impellers were changed in all the water pumps, and fuel lines were all inspected.

Engine room on the Pokalong



Our dock neighbor Ernie is a marine electrician, and he rebuilt the starter and replaced the solenoid on the 8.5 KW generator which was a real help. Toward the middle of June it was time to do a sea trial, so the girls and I headed upriver for a day and got to test the autopilot and run the engines up to temperature for a while. All performed well, and we were happy to find a favorite local pizza chain had relocated near the boat harbor in Toledo. The picnic lunch Celeste had packed was moved to dinner so we could enjoy pizza for lunch, by unanimous vote.

My running partner Dan’s 100 year old seiner, Pheonix III


Pokalong tied up in Toledo, note the Bering Sea king crabber tied up in the background


Caomi and Mocha enjoying the boat ride



The sea trial was considered a success by all. Now we had to find a balance of days off work and weather window to move north and inland on the mighty Columbia River.

To be continued…



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