Deck Beams and Blocking

90% of the deck beams are in place, and most of the blocking in between them. The deck is starting to take shape…



In the lower picture you can see that the handrails have been beefed up by adding an 18″ corner extension. Aft of this section will be the hayrack and gurdies, so the handrail can act as a safety stop to keep someone from falling on to the troll wire. The handrail is also used to get on and off the boat and needed to be reinforced at that location. The handrails at the stern were removed and a recessed “troll pit” will be cut into the rear deck of the boat. This lowers the fisherman closer to the water, and the handrails would be in the way of lifting a heavy fish onto the boat. When you get a big halibut it can be a real struggle, sometimes you have to wait for the right wave to pitch the boat and ‘float’ the fish onto the deck.

So the back deck looks different with the handrails removed.


The next big task will be to step the mast, which by the looks of it can step directly to the keel. Then on goes the decking, the fiberglass, and it’s off to the races…

I can almost see the mast and poles and fishing gear already aboard…


This week I also mounted the 42 gallon day tank on the cabin roof. I wanted to avoid doing this for aesthetic reasons, but it won’t look so bad once the mast and poles are up and the life raft is up there too. Gravity-feeding the stove is a pretty fool-proof solution, and I can set up the transfer pump to fill the tank.

But most importantly the stove is working again, which makes for a happy boat and crew.



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